1More started as the earphone manufacturer for Xiaomi and living in the shade for many years they are now making their mark in the market. With the launch of 1More Triple Driver & 1More Quad driver earphones, 1More is proving that they cannot be ignored in the Audiophile community anymore.

1More Triple Driver
1More Triple Driver Gold Variant
1More Triple Driver
1More Triple Driver Titanium Variant


From the start the packaging for the 1More Triple Driver everything looks premium. For the asking price of Rs. 7,999 (and now dropped to Rs. 7,300) in India you can definitely feel the money in your hands. Box is textured, shiny and exotic. Opening the front panel or page their lies the earphones and a lot of Eartips in the display. On the left side there is details about the company and the earphones itself. (Buying links are at the bottom of the page.)

1More Triple Driver
1More Triple Driver Packaging and Accessories


1More Triple Driver
A look at construction of 1More Triple Driver

Taking the 1More Triple Drivers out the first things you can feel is the weight of the earbuds. They are build solid. The design is in-ear type but the earphones stays out of the ear canal at an angle and there is no discomfort wearing them for long hours. My longest is around 3 hours straight while testing them.

Following the earbuds there is the wire coming out, they are serrated but thin and feels kinda flimsy and might break but hasn’t broken yet. There is also a 3-Button Mic but at the right hand. Buttons are clicky and responsive and the voice quality through mic is also great. Buttons do work on my 7.0 to 8.1 Android devices as desired.

1More Triple Driver
1More Triple Driver Titanium Variant with 3-Button Mic

Followed by the metallic “Y” with no strain relief I don’t know why? Below that is fabric coated wire reaching towards the Metallic – Gold-plated 3.5mm Jack with a good yet small strain relief.


Soundstage is wide and detailed, for the price I am looking at a direct competitor to the Shure SE215. Each equipment is defined and placed exactly where it should be. The best representation of this I felt in while listening to The Beatles. Their mastery of creating a story just by the soundstage and equipment placement is the best and unrivaled to this day. If you close your eyes you can feel and point out every single instrument played in “Yellow Submarine” album and I think I’ve said plenty about the soundstage.


Lets start with the sub bass, which is a hit and miss in 1More Triple Driver. The Dynamic driver is used here to produce the low-end frequencies and it comes out strong and powerful in Metallica’s “The God That Failed”. But leaves me wanting more in A R Rehman’s “Chupke Se” which has a very subtle but definitive sub-bass.

Rest of the Bass frequencies are spot on and tight. Their is not a single loose frequency throughout the low end and it left me mesmerized by it. In Pantera’s “Domination” and “Mouth Of War” I was unable to stop my head from banging with the beat. I would have to say that the Bass is great and is everything you would have imagined while paying 10k for them.


Let me start with saying that Metallica’s Black Album is the best that I have heard in terms of recording quality and I adore every song of that album. I am a fan of James’ voice and screams and the dynamic range of his singing. And these, 1More Triple Driver make me fall in love with his vocals on a new level. His voice was in kick you in your face types in the “Through the Never”.

Next was some Adele and A R Rehman’s Lukka chuppi. Starting with the “Rumour Has It” I can feel the timbre in Adele’s voice that I’ve never felt before and I am lovin’ it. Small nuances like Adele taking breaths in between lines are clear as night and day. A few more songs and I am a fan of the vocal representation of these.

Lata Ji’s voice is as clear as it can get. Her small vibratos are one of the detail I am hearing for the first time. And I can say for sure that the BAs used and not just a gimmick. They do work and they work awesome in 1More Triple Driver.


Here comes the final evaluation and the one I love the most, Clean and clear highs are the toughest to produce and any earbuds and these are great in this area. In the conclusion of the “Lukka Chuppi” there is so much to listen for and in all that a small acoustic guitar is sometimes lost in the background, but here you can listen them adding the timbre to the sound which makes the song alive. In Inger Marie Gundersen’s cover of U2’s “One” the highs are just breath-taking. There is a certain decay in this song that I was looking for which I only heard in HifiMan He4xx Planar Magnetic headphones and these produced that decay close to that which surprised me a lot.

There is one more song that I wanna mention here and that is “Panchi Hoon” by Jal performed in Coke Studio. The decay of first cymbal is the best part of the song and I the full-ness of the highs once again proved that those BAs is not just for show. They perform and perform well.


Without taking the price of these into account I would praise them and praise them and again praise them for the quality of music that these earbuds deliver. And may say that they can easily compete with Shure SE215s. But when you take the price of these into account then you have to be sure what you are looking. For a lower price like Rs. 6,000 they would have killed it but for 8k these leaves me wanting more.

If you are looking for the comfort and the detailed highs with ample of Bass than I will happily refer these to you. But if you love a warmness in your Vocals and detailed Sub Bass in you music than I will ask you to rethink your choice and you should probably get a lesson on using EQ present on your device so that you can use them at their full might.

The 1More Triple Driver are suitable for almost all types of music genres like POP, Hip-hop, Classical & Metal, but if you only listen to Bollywood songs than go for FiiO FH1.

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