With a selected products under its belt Meze is very loved in Audiophile community. Meze was founded in 2009 in Baia Mare, Romania and came into the light with the release of 99 Classics.  I too heard of them in late 2016 and bought myself the Meze 12 Classics the next year. After listening to them for a long, a bit too long time here are my thoughts on these IEMs.

Meze 12 Classics
Gun-Metal Variant of Meze 12 Classics
Meze 12 Classics
Iridium Variant of Meze 12 Classics

Meze 12 Classics Build Quality:

The packaging was simple and modest for the price. Just pull out the top and there you have your earphones with a semi-hard-round case with rest of the accessories.

Meze 12 Classics
Meze 12 Classics with Case


Meze 12 Classics
Meze 12 Classics Accessories

Got a shirt clip, a pair of flanged eartip and 3 pairs of normal silicon eartips. There was also a pair of medium comply eartip which was a welcome edition. The Case is a semi-hard type case and circular in shape. There is not enough space for the accessories and earphones to rest inside the case easily.

Cable Quality:

The cable is 1.2 Meter long and specified as Oxygen-Free cable which adds to the life of the earphones a lot. Leaving the Earpieces the cable is protected by ample amount of strain relief with markings for left and right earpieces. The Cable on the right earpiece is then met by the Single-button Mic and exits the capsule being protected by strain relief.

Cables from both the earpieces are met at the “Y” which is the same design and size as the Single-button mic capsule and not seen in every earphones, especially at this price range. The Cable then meet the 3.5mm Jack with strain relief and the metal housing, designed same as the Single-Button Mic and “Y”.

This much attention to detail for an earphones in a budget category is great to look and admire. But the earphones are mainly marketed as the involvement of wood in the earpieces so lets take a look at these.

Earpiece Quality:

The earpieces are made of wood and and aluminum enclosures for a balance between strength and sound quality. There is no information about the type of wood used but I have to say that they do look cool.

Meze 12 Classics
Meze 12 Classics Wood Enclosures

According to the manufacturer’s the Single 8mm titanium coated dynamic driver in each earpieces is efficient enough to produce balanced sound signature with less than 1% of Total harmonic distortions.

Meze 12 Classics
Meze 12 Classics Exploded View

Meze 12 Classics Sound Quality:


Let’s start with Pink Floyd’s “Learning to Fly” both the Live and the Studio version then “Hey You”. Next is Amy Winehouse’ “Back to Black” then  Metallica’s “Master of Puppets” and “Enter Sandman” and last is the Steven Wilson’s “Watchmaker”. All these songs made me feel like I was there with the band, the placement of individual instruments is near perfect.

There are some details that only a handful of earphones can produce and these earphones can produce them with ease. Every sound is clean and balanced, the subtle nuances in the “Watchmaker” and Pink Floyd songs are present and clean.


Continuing from previous songs the sub-bass in these is near perfect in this price range. The best one I heard among similarly priced earphones. The sub-bass is tight and clean, there is not muddy-ness and doesn’t overlap into other frequencies. I think the Diaphragm and coil are doing there jobs as advertised.


Switching to Rage Against The Machine, RHCP, A R Rehman, Pantera and Megadeth now. In “Domination” by Pantera and “People of the Sun” by RATM you can feel the bass in your heart. In other songs too, the bass is clean and tight, though in Digitally produced bass frequencies these do miss the impact sometimes like in A R Rehman’s “Chupke Se” or “Dil Se” but do not have them in FLAC formats and the MP3s can produce this type of effect sometimes.

Some more Metallica and a bit of Alice in Chains and I am loving these now. The balanced nature of these just made me fall in love with them.


James’s vocals are clean in the whole Black Album so are David Gilmour’s too. The mid-Bass frequencies are tight and impacting like in Metallica’s “Frantic” and Dream Theatre’s “6:00”. Clean Vocals and Clean Snare and Tom-Toms are just one of the many things I love about these.

In terms of guitar and female vocals, these out perform many similarly priced earbuds like FiiO FH1 and HiFiMan’s RE400s. After listening to 2 3 live albums from Adele I can easily say that the Timbre in her voice can be easily heard in these. This is something I only heard in IEMs with more than Rs, 10,000 and Planar Magnetic headphones.


This will the lowest aspect of these earphones but still strong than a lot of IEMs out there. The Acoustic Guitar and Violins sounds accurate and clean. Songs like A R Rehman’s “Roobaroo” and the whole “Songbook” album by Chris Cornell sounds so great that it cannot be described. I paid for these IEMs and after listening to these I can surely say that these are worth to me.

The Cymbals and Hi-Hat trills sound clean and precise. There is no bleeding but the Decay is just OK for me. A tad bit more and these would have came close to 1More Triple Driver IEMs which consists of Single-Dynamic and Dual-Balanced Armature Drivers.

Meze 12 Classics
Meze 12 Classics Sound Signature

Our Verdict for Meze 12 Classics:

If you are looking for a Neutral sounding and Long lasting IEMs get these, provided you have to invest in some sort of AMP or DAC/AMP to truly appreciate the greatness of these IEMs.

The one negative point of these is the comfort of these, The cable is thick and hefty and sometimes the they do not stay in my ears due to that cable weight. Using the shirt-clip did solved my issue but still I have to list the issue for our reader and potential buyers. The Comply eartips included with the earphones does fit better for long listening sessions but it is widely known that the Foam eartips tends to hinder the Higher frequencies and thus I never use them.

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