With the release of OnePlus 6T, OnePlus also released the new OnePlus Type-C Bullets and with this release we said goodbye to Headphone Jack from OnePlus devices. The new OnePlkus Type-C Bullets is priced at Rs. 1,500 and for budget earphones the pricing is very competitive.

OnePlus Type-C Bullets Build Quality:

For the asking price of Rs. 1500 the earphones are built very well. The earpieces are built solid and feels like they are

OnePlus Type-C Bullets
OnePlus Type-C Bullets

made of Aluminum. Leaving the earpieces, we get a flat cable with a good thickness to it. The cable is 1.3 Meters which is great for general listening. The Strain reliefs very small and I doubt it will help the cable in any kind of stress relief.

We get a 3-button mic on right side of the cable and the buttons are clicky and responsive. The mic housing feels a bit cheap but may hold its integrity for 1 year or so easily. The extra button on the remote can be used to increase and decrease volume and holding them down does nothing.

The “Y” is a bit small in length but it is thick and stocky with solid build. Leaving the “Y” the Flat tangle-resistant cable is built well and may survive more than a year of regular usage easily. The Type-C male port or the new “Jack” is good and thick but not too much and can be used with the cover provided by OnePlus and other third party manufacturers as well. Though the strain relief is not long enough and my only issue with the build quality of these earphones is the lack of strain relief on these earphones which makes them prone to breakage at critical points over a period of time.

OnePlus Type-C Bullets "Y" and Type-C jack
OnePlus Type-C Bullets “Y” and Type-C jack

In terms of accessories the earphones comes with 3 pairs of silicon ear-tips for comfortable and perfect fit but does not include a case or pouch as with the Bullets Wireless.

OnePlus Type-C Bullets
Accessories for OnePlus Type-C Bullets

OnePlus Type-C Bullets Soundstage:

Listening to Metallica’s “One” I can hear the reverb on the clean guitar but it is not as clear as in the similarly priced SoundMagic E10C earphones. The hi-hats played in resonates well but doesn’t give a roomy feel as it should.

This effect is clearly heard in Mozart and other Classical pieces like Beethoven’s 9th symphony and Carmine Burana’s “O’ Fortuna” performances. The instruments are there and present but they are not as widely placed they should be. Every instrument is Jam Packed closely without any room in between. But I am listening directly from my OnePlus and Nokia 7Plus’ output as I do not have any Type-C DAC or AMP yet.

OnePlus Type-C Bullets Sound Quality:

Sub Bass:

Let’s start by my favorite Metallica’s “One” and then some Lamb of God songs. I have to say that the sound signature is not neutral but a bit more favored toward low frequencies and I think OnePlus did this to satisfy more of users. But there is no definition in lower frequencies, everything is muddy and not overlapping. The Sub-Bass is just booming everywhere without any constraint.


Kick drums and synthesized bass notes are too bassy for my taste and with no definition and tightness. Lower frequencies just overlaps the Mids. I have to say not a great product by OnePlus. Some Jazz tunes sounds great but as I go more into Metal songs I only hear muddy bass and notes with too much leaks.


Now only listening to Acoustic and unplugged performances, the male vocals are clean and close to good. listened to unplugged performance by Sonu Nigam and Arijit Singh and is was impressed by the improvement in Mids after the fail in lower frequencies.

Listening to some Adele performances the flare in the female vocals is missing. The same effect I heard with Sunidhi Chauhan and Rekha Bhardwaj’s vocal in different songs.


The reproduction of higher frequencies while listening to Coke Studio performances by Jal and Strings does not let me down as the lower frequencies did. But in songs by A R Rehman and some light Jazz from YouTube I was unable to find the timbre and sparkle in acoustic guitar.

Switching to some Judas Priest and ACDC, there was no shimmer in the cymbals at all. They just come and go, sounded so robotic and un-natural. Compared to SoundMagic E10C these do lack in luster and pazaz in highs a bit.

Our Verdict for OnePlus Type-C Bullets:

For the price of Rs. 1500 these are an OK buy and may serve a normal listener who uses these earphones for general calling and YouTube-ing. I would not suggest them for listening music as they are not that great with accuracy in frequencies. But I do think that if OnePlus gone for a better sounding earphones they might have to increase the price of these earphones.

There are not many options in Type-C earphones right now and for that market the OnePlus Type-C Bullets do their job as stated. I would rather buy a dongle and use my SoudMagic E10C instead for listening to music. Choice is yours here…

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