Introduction to Product Design & Development

Product Design as a design field involves designing or creating products that will be used by consumers.

What is Product Design?

Product Design as a design field involves designing or creating products that will be used by consumers. Thus, while designing anything, a product designer needs to ensure that the product being designed is easy and safe to use.

It is not necessary that a product designer always designs new products. He/she can also pick up an existing product and change its design in such a manner that its functionality is improved and it is economical as well as attractive to the target audience.


You’re welcome to bring along and use your own. If you’re a note-taking type, bring something for that too!


This workshop is for absolute beginners and doing or passed Mechanical Engineering, and no prior experience is necessary.

What is Product Design?

Product Design is often confused with Industrial Design. Although there are major overlaps between the fields but there are few fundamental differences between them as well. Product Design is related to all the work that is done between an idea coming to mind and finally seeing the product in the hands of the customer. On the other hand, Industrial Design revolves on developing concepts as well as design for products that are manufactured on a large scale and typically specialise in any one product category such as furniture, housewares or automobiles. So, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Product Design is a part of Industrial Design. 

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