SoundMagic first started as a R&D company working on Acoustic products in 2005 and slowly established itself as a major earphones & headphones making company till 2010. They are in the sound business for a good time and have created some of the best mid-range products including these SoundMagic E10C.

SoundMagic E10C Build Quality:

SoundMagic E10C is a budget earphone so my expectations were not that high to begin with, the packaging was also modest and not trying too hard to build any expectation going forward. Opening the package and taking out the earphones with the case took a while ‘coz I was being cautious.


The case provided s semi hard case with plenty of space inside for earphones and only earphones. I am to this day not very confident in putting the extra accessories with the earphones in the case. The red zipper was a good highlight though the zipper was not that smooth.

The amount of replacement ear buds did put a smile on my face. Also there is a dongle is provided for older or incompatible devices but they are claimed to be compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

SoundMagic E10C Accessories
SoundMagic E10C Accessories

Cable and Jack:

The Gold-plated jack is superbly build and with a 120 degree angled strain relief paves the way for the cable which is great but a bit thin if it has to last more than a year or so. The rubber coating does looks like a tangle proof but if you are careless then they will tangle for sure.

With a bit of nicely build strain relief the cables enters the “Y” and separates in to also with the strain relief. The “Y” itself is made of metal and looks like it will easily stay with the cable for a long time.

SoundMagic E10C
SoundMagic E10C 3-Button Mic and Angled Jack

The two left and right cables coming out of the “Y” is thinner now and on the left earpiece there is the 3-button mic in a metal capsule. The buttons covered by a rubber sheet and are not marked appropriately so you can have to firstly find the only marked middle button and then proceed to click either up or down button.

There is ample amount of strain relief in either side of the capsule and both ends up in the earpieces with the help of a smallest amount of strain relief in the earphones yet.


The earpieces are built of metal and does show a great craftsmanship by SoundMagic. I am impressed by the build quality of SoundMagic E10C for the price they are being offered and if you can get it for cheaper then you are lucky brother.

SoundMagic E10C Soundstage:

Soundstage is wide and well defined. I did found the strings instruments a bit recessed in Mozart but loved the wide soundstage. For the price, there is nothing to cry about but if you are an asshole you can surely nick pick the issues in these. For me they have a great soundstage and the instruments were wide, detailed and separated well enough.

SoundMagic E10C Sound Quality:


SoundMagic E10C is a bit on the bassy side not as much flat or neutral but just like Audio Technica’s ATH M50x they tend to favor bass for making the sound a bit more alive and enjoyable for the mass.

The sub-bass is present and the rumbling of bass guitar in Metallica’s “The God That Failed” gave me chills. I loved all the songs by Rage Against The Machine, with these I was able to appreciate the amount of quality put in the earphones by SoundMagic team, they surely did a great job here.


I love awesomely produced mids by the SoundMagic E10C as the vocals make the sound a new meaning and anything that defines your music should be emphasized and appreciated. With these I was able to hear the clarity in mids and Harshness of James’ vocals in “Master Of Puppets” which I have never heard in a budget earphones.

Female vocals were on-point though I must say that the Female vocals in very high notes were a bit shrilly and fatiguing to my ears. Adele’s “Rumour Has It” was downright head-bang-able, it may be because of the experience I was having at such a low price. Though I was listening to 24Bit Flacs but still the flacs files cannot steal the limelight from these SoundMagic E10C.


The decay in higher frequencies when a cymbal is hit is how I judge the earphones in higher frequencies. The shimmer in the high combined with the accurate response of timber is crucial in any earphones and let me say that these earphones are best in producing those characteristic sounds most accurately. I have never listened better earphones in this price range producing such great highs.

Our Verdict for SoundMagic E10C:

If I have not said enough or you are still reading this review for a negative point you will be disappointed because these are the best in the price range. The only better option is “AJays 5” which were on sale for a long time and now are discontinued. No other pair of earphone is this better in this price range. SoundMagic has done a great job in building these earphones. They make me expect more from other manufacturers….

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